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Hypnotherapy Lewes

Rue Asher is a clinical stress and anxiety hypnotherapist working in Sussex, with 20 years experience. Her Stress Detox Clinic is situated in Lewes, East Sussex within easy reach of Brighton, Hove, Tunbridge Wells, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Seaford, Eastbourne, Forest Row and towns and villages in East Sussex and Kent.

"Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and relaxed" David Grant, Seaford, East Sussex, 2017

I Can Help If ....

  • You're suffering with anxiety

  • You're struggling to cope in a stressful job

  • You’re going through a difficult time and would like some support

  • You’d like someone to listen without judgement

  • Your nervous system is overloaded and you're feeling overwhelmed

  • You'd like to learn some deep relaxation techniques

  • You just need time to catch your breath, slow down and enjoy deep rest

  • You'd like some guidance on how to cope when you're feeling anxious and how to identify any current stressors in your life

If you'd like me to help you, please contact me

A hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy practice for anxiety and stress based in Lewes, Sussex, within easy reach of Brighton, Hove, Tunbridge Wells, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Seaford, Eastbourne, Forest Row and towns and villages in East Sussex and Kent

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Why Choose to Book an Appointment With Me?

  • I offer a powerful and unique therapy and treatment for stress and anxiety, developed from my years in practice as a clinical hypnotherapist, incorporating advanced hypnosis, modern psychology and solution focused coaching

  • I run a warm, friendly, ethically led therapy practice including flexible appointment times with access to local parking and public transport

  • I have had lots of positive feedback over the years from people I have previously treated

  • My treatment room is located in a peaceful and comfortable setting in central Lewes, near Eastbourne & Brighton, East Sussex in which clients find it easy to relax

  • Before committing to any treatment or therapy, I offer a free consultation via phone or added to your first session to determine whether my treatment is suitable for you and to answer any questions you may have

  • I use the latest sound equipment enabling a deep level of relaxation and to ensure you're not disturbed by any outside noise

"I loved the relaxation sessions with you and your room is an oasis of calm" Kerry M, Haywards Heath, 2018

Having a stressful day? Why not listen to my Two Minutes To Relax free track

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Different Forms of Stress...

There are lots of different forms of stress. External ones including economic - not having enough money, social - feeling isolated, physical - long term pain. Stressors can also be internal such as reactions stemming from uncomfortable feelings and thoughts.

These ever changing groups of stressors are a normal part of life. It’s just being human! However sometimes through no fault of our own we react to these situations in a way that can produce more stress. Things can go wrong when stress piles up and we feel we can no longer cope and anxiety takes over. We can’t always change difficult situations or stop things from happening but we can learn ways of coping in more helpful ways, so we don’t become ever more stressed. And this stress or unconscious stress reaction is where I may be able to help.

When Does Stress Become A Problem?

There are two kinds of stress ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. Positive stress gets us moving. Positive stress can be useful for increasing and enhancing our physical and mental functioning. For example when we workout at the gym or completing a satisfying and challenging piece of work. But if the demand is relentless and we don’t allow time to rebalance and recover this can lead to ‘distress’. Negative chronic stress can be described as continuous, something that remains unresolved by not coping or an inability to adapt to the situation which can lead to illness, depression and anxiety.

Understanding How Our Nervous System Works...

Two important parts of our nervous system (autonomic nervous system) to consider with regard to stress are the 'sympathetic nervous system' and the 'parasympathetic nervous system'. An easy way to understand the difference between these two opposing parts is to view the sympathetic nervous system as the accident & emergency state - when our body is on full alert and the parasympathetic nervous system as our rest & digest state. Neither one is the bad guy as they both have important roles and it’s highly beneficial to create a balance or harmony between these two parts.

None of us are immune to stress and there’ve certainly been times in my life when I’ve suffered from it too - when sleeping become a problem for me - so I can really empathise with anyone going through it. You can read other peoples experience of working with me here.

If you're unsure about what being hypnotised entails, here's my video offering a simple explanation -

If you’d like to have a chat with me to discuss how I might be able to help,
you are welcome to do so without obligation.

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